About Informasi Identity of alwankimia

About the Identity Information of alwankimia, provide the information necessary to meet customer needs. Providing cooling tower chemical dose calculations are reprentatif.Providing brochure and send it to the customer so that potential customers or existing customers can get updated information about the Company progress. Our business scope:

  1. Water Treatment Chemical
    1. Cooling Tower Water Treatment
      1. Formax 050 Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor
      2. Formax 051 Biocide / Anti moss
    2. Chiller Water Treatment
    3. Boiler Water Treatment
    4. Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment
    5. radiator Coolant
    6. STP
      1. bacteria Pengurai
      2. anti Foam
  2. Cleaner
    1. Formax 052 Thresher crust (Descaler)
    2. Formax 053 Netralizer
    3. AC Coil Cleaner
      1. Acid AC Coil Cleaner
      2. Alkaline AC Coil Cleaner
      3. Neutral AC Coil Cleaner
    4. Degreaser
    5. solvent Degreaser
    6. soap Industry
    7. Multi Purpose Cleaner
    8. Glass Cleaner
    9. hand Soap
    10. Dishwashing liquid

Industrial Maintenance Product & General Trading
Griya commercial Suradita A3 block no.6 Suradita, Cisauk, Banten
Salesman: Asep Suherman
Phone: 085321350138
Email: admin@alwankimia.com


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