Chemical Cleaning Cooling Tower Services

Chemical Cleaning Cooling Tower Services  Air source contains many minerals and other kontaminant. If not controlled, it will cause the crust, which would impede heat transfer in the cooling system, thus cooling purposes are not achieved, which will ultimately disrupt the activities of the company and cause harm. In addition to the crust, cooling water problem is rust, which will cause damage to the cooling system equipment, such as thinning, which means the destruction of the value of investments perusahaan.Lumut or slime is a problem which is no less disturbing. Its presence will hinder the process of cooling (heat transfer) Therefore crust, rust, slime, algae, mud, must be cleaned so that the performance of the cooling system back to normal, and terselamatkannya equipment from damage. With a background of experience in the field of maintenance chemicals and cleaning chemicals, cleaning services we serve to:

  • cooling tower
  • cooler
  • condensor
  • heat exchanger
  • chiller
  • Boiler
  • AHU
  • WCP
  • dll

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services We are supported by:

  1. Professional and experienced personnel in the field of chemical cleaning.
  2. Chemical thresher crust contains corrosion inhibitors that protect metal during the cleaning process, so that the metal is in the machine being dicleaning protected and safe.
  3. neutralizing chemicals that will neutralize the residual acid at the time of cleaning.
  4. pH tester, to measure the pH of water during flushing after neutralization to pH 7 (neutral).
  5. Adequate equipment.

Cooling Tower also be crusty and rusty, if allowed, warm and dirty water can contain bacteria to grow, and diseases that supposedly called “Legionnaires’ can lead to fatal consequences and lead to death. And also, water treatment intended to improve water quality is directly related to the finished products such as semiconductors and / or beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. In the example above, the poor water quality can cause defective products. Domestic water may be unsafe to drink when his health benchmarks ignored.

Water treatment for 80% Chiller Chiller problems caused by poor water quality.

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services Recommendation:

Cooling Tower (open systems) should be treated and monitored 24 hours / day. Mineral deposits in the water left behind even though the water evaporates.

Ensure regular maintenance for the chemical treatment of Cooling Tower executed at least once each month. Also make sure you get a written report for the lab results of your water.

We also can do Cooling Tower Cleaning Services on holidays or on Saturdays and Sundays.

Turn in dry Cooler Condenser and Heat Exchanger to us, because we are expert

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