Chiller Water Treatment Chemical

Chiller Water Treatment Chemical is a chemical product that serves to prevent corrosion and deposits in the closed circulation system / chiller, caused by hardness salts to settle and attach to the metal surface, and the occurrence of rust caused by dissolved oxygen that reacts with the iron in the system. our products serve as an oxygen scavenger, and contains a catalyst that serves to increase the reaction between anti-rust products with dissolved oxygen.

Dosage calculations for chiller systems:

  • The first dose of 1% x Volume circuits
  • Maintenance dose of 0, 5% x volume circuit
We also provide cleaning services, good for chilled water, condenser, AHU, WPC, cooling tower, cooler, boiler etc.


Introduction of chiller
In the production process cooling water (icy water), many companies in the domestic and overseas that the use of the machine “WATER COOLED CHILLER”. In the process of pendinginanya, this chiller machine using chemicals that Freon gas. Freon will cool the water in a cooling tube.

Water chiller consists of several components, including:

  1. Compressor
  2. Condensor
  3. Dryer filter
  4. Expantion valve
  5. Evaporator
    Some of these components have their respective tasks in the production process icy water. This chiller machines will work continuously because the cooling water is also continuously circulated by a circulation pump. Air cooling will result in capacity in a tub or a water tank. Then the water will be used to cool parts of the injection machine is hot, like mold, clamping, oil cooler, and others. The use of residual water will be re-cooled by a chiller.
    This chiller machine equipped with thermostat sensor is used to determine the temperature of the cooling water (icy water) The results of the measurement of this sensor will be shown in the display temperature control. In it we can menyetting or specify the icy water temperature standards as appropriate.
    Basically this chiller machine work because of the pressure or pressure on Freon. There are two kinds of pressure contained in this chiller, namely high pressure and low pressure. One of the above components is functioning to change from high pressure becomes low. Water cooling process occurs at the evaporator with low pressure or low pressure. To find out how much pressure at high pressure and low pressure, then the chiller is also equipped with a pressure gauge. Units for the pressure on the pressure gauge is adaalah PSI. Standard pressure to low pressure is 35-50 PSI and for high pressure is 170-300 PSI. However, with many conditions, pressure can be above or below the standard. To that end, the necessary repairs or maintenance.

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