Cooling tower anti rust crust moss package

Cooling tower anti-rust crust moss package

Cooling tower anti-rust crust moss package, most of the cooling system using water as the cooling medium. Besides the price is cheap, easy to obtain, even in the presence of nature is overwhelming. So the water becomes an ideal choice for the cooling medium. But apparently the water had some problems that interfere in its use. If not controlled and addressed will cause malfunction of the cooling system (dead end), can even cause damage to the equipment cooling system so that it can interfere with the activity of the company.

As for problems in the water cooling system is as follows:

  1. Crust
  2. Rust
  3. Suspended solids (sand, mud, dust)
  4. Biofouling, micro organisms, mold / slime

To overcome these problems, one of them is by adding a chemical deterrent crust, rust prevention and anti moss in water cooling systems and also by applying Cooling Tower Integrated care program.

Those products are:

  1. FORMAX 050
    Anti crust and Anti-Corrosion
    Is a chemical compound that is specifically formulated to control scale formation and corrosion in open recirculating cooling system (Cooling Tower).
    Excess Formax 050:
    Calcium carbonate is a deterrent superior crust.
    Polyakrilat contain compounds that function as scale inhibitor and dispersant.
    Containing threshold inhibitors and crystal modificator, so it will not form crust.
    Contains corrosion inhibitors that will prevent rust.
    Formax 050 can be used as much as 50-200 ppm. Formax representative can assist in determining the proper dosage.
    Form                     : Liquid
    Colour                   : Amber
    pH                          : 2, 5
    The density at 25 C: 1, 1 g / ml
  2. FORMAX 051
    Non Oxidizing Biocide
    Biocide Control / Anti moss/ Anti-bacterial
    Formax 051 is capable mikrobiosida comprehensive and effective and to control the growth of microorganisms that cause fouling, vandalism, and a decrease in the efficiency of industrial cooling water system.
    To control the growth of algae, bacteria, and fungi in the circulating cooling water system repeatedly (Cooling Tower).
    For cooling water systems in order to control the growth of algae, bacteria, and fungi use a dose of 50-200 ppm, which is fed every 5-7 days.
    Form    : Liquid
    Colour  : Amber
    pH        : 6-7

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