Cooling tower Troubleshooting

Cooling tower Troubleshooting

Cooling tower Troubleshooting, lack of maintenance shorten system life and cooling equipment. For this problem, it is important to take important maintenance steps and here are some Cooling Tower Tips to do it:

  •  Check the Cooling tower regularly
    Sticking to the preventative maintenance schedule implies checking the daily cooling tower function. It is your responsibility to ensure that the cooling tower system and related equipment are operating properly and safely. Regular checks will help you figure out the failures and damage, and you can fix it right away.
  •  Check for Leaks & Corrosion
    You should check whether there is a loose connection or leakage in the cooling tower system because even a small leak can affect the functioning of the system. Similarly, the impact of corrosion on cooling towers is two things. First it undermines the efficiency of the plant, the second leads to equipment failure as well, which means replacing it with a new one at an additional replacement cost. Avoiding equipment failures and replacement costs, therefore, it is possible if one checks for regular or weekly leakage and corrosion
  • Water Testing & Water Treatment
    Water cooling towers should be tested to check for the proper concentration of dissolved solids (tds), and we must ascertain whether the cooling tower is free of legionella and other contaminants. This is the most important part of the cooling tower of care because it not only affects water, but endangers the lives of the general public and labor exposed to legionella. Therefore, it is important that you consult a water treatment consultant so that they test and evaluate the cooling tower and provide an effective solution.

Another way to treat or disinfect water from a cooling tower is to use hydrogen peroxide as it will prevent organic fouling and accumulation of contaminants in the cooling tower.

The advice here is to do legionella testing twice per month in the warm season and once per month is cold months so the water remains disinfected and qualifies for reuse.


The well-kept Cooling tower will always function properly and their productivity will never be disturbed or obstructed. It is all about doing a routine check and cooling tower analysis and taking timely action to fix problems and treat water.

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