Formax 099 Non Oxidizing Biocide

Formax 099 Non Oxidizing Biocide

Formax 099 Non Oxidizing Biocide is a bioremediation technology by utilizing naturally occurring microorganisms (indigenous) are useful and effective, combined with the concept of nutrient enrichment (Inoculant and enrichment concepts).

General Characteristics:

  • “Mix culture” (culture mix) Microbial Natural, without genetic engineering
  • Safe for humans, animals and plants as well as environmentally friendly
  • Easy and economical application

The composition of these bacteria are as follows:

  1. Aerobacter sp
  2. Nitrobacter sp
  3. Nitrosomonas sp
  4. Saccharomyces C
  5. Bacillus sp.f. bacteria are facultative

General mechanism of Formax 99 in minimizing potential pollutants are as follows:

Utilizing simple sugars and degrade feces as an energy source by microbes aerotoleran (fermentation), so that the degradation process is relatively faster feces

Puterfaksi degradation Results with outcomes such as ammonia, sulphurous acid, indole and mercaptan (smell of decay) will absorb and converted into the fermentation reactions that tend to produce lower energy and leads to a result of sugar alcohols, organic acids, amino acids and relatively reduced odor ( typical acid fermentation). Ammonia and sulfates by microbes can also be used as an alternative source in the metabolism …. so that the evaporation process (smell) is reduced or lost.

Natural microbial diversity in Formax 99 in synergism (Aerotoleran microbial), allow a degree of viability in competing with microbial pathogens (E. coli, salmonella).

The concept of adding nutrients that are added will be used for the synthesis of cells and the formation of energy, it is related to the increase in the value of MLSS, which further increases the efficiency of the reduction of BOD and COD in waste water treatment process.

Tipycal properties :

Appearance        : Liquid
Colour                 : Brownish
Solubility             : Soluble in water
pH ( 1% solution) : Netral
Toxicity                 : Non-toxic and does not dangerous

Application           :

  1. To raise the level of MLSS for the textile, paper, and polyester, hospitals etc.
  2. Making the remaining mud become more environmentally friendly, can be used as a growing medium and compost.
  3. Can be used for fermentation leachate liquid waste into organic fertilizer.
  4. Neutralize odors.
  5. As the make – up of microbes in the aeration process
  6. APPLICATION FOR WASTE CAN anaerobic AND aerobic.
  7. Can be used for the fermentation of solid waste into fertilizer
  8. Can operate at a low MLSS concentration, so that less residual sludge.
  9. Lowering COD / BOD waste

How to use and dose of use:

  1. Pour Formax 99 to the waste treatment facility such as bath anaerobic, aerobic
  2. 1 liter Formax 99 to waste 10 M3, or the dose recommended on the terms of COD and waste discharge
  3. For optimal results are suggested poured into the treatment facility each day according to the dosage recommended

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