High Quality Boiler Water Treatment Chemical

High Quality Boiler Water Treatment Chemical

High Quality Boiler Water Treatment Chemical, the main function of the boiler is to transfer energy from the form of hot gas that is created through a fuel to turn water into steam. Hot steam or hot water is then used in the production process. Feed water often contains impurities, which interfere with the performance and efficiency of the boiler system. Chemical additives can be used to overcome the problems caused by such impurities. To improve the quality of the feed water, and a good steam, chemicals can be injected directly into the feed water used.

Formax 040 is the boiler water treatment chemical that is multi-functional in the form of liquid. Formax 040 is formulated in such a way to make it easier to use. Formax 040 contains anti crust, anti-rust, oxygen Scavanger and anti foam (foam) .Formax 040 reacts with the crust-forming minerals suspended sludge.Formax produce 040 also contains a dispersant that keep sediment remains in the form of suspended sludge so as to facilitate the disposal by way blowdown.


Boiler Water Treatment Chemical fact is usually the treatment program requires a relatively small percentage of the overall costs of operation of the boiler. However, the poor performance of treatment led to a domino effect that increases the cost of operation and maintenance of the boiler. For best results, the entire internal treatment chemical to be used continuously at a sufficient dose. Chemicals can be fed directly into the feed water tank. Certain chemical may be mixed use at the same time. The position of chemical injection is usually placed higher than the position of the boiler circuit. For chemical feeder positions under the feed water pump, the pump must be adapted to the boiler pressure.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemical Dose

Formax 040 doses in numbers ranging from 50-250 ppm, and determined also by the results of the water analysis.


Color                : Dark brown
pH of 1%          : 10, 70
Form                 : Liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.102


1 pail : 30 Liter

How to calculate the chemical dosing Boiler:

  1. Determine the capacity of the boiler
  2. Determining the amount of blowdown
  3. Calculating make up water
  4. Dose x makeup water

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