High Quality Formax 025 Tranparent grease

Formax 025 High Quality Tranparent grease is lubricating oil / grease is specially formulated for the lubrication of mechanical equipment in plastic. Formax 025 does not damage plastic and is compatible with all types of plastic.

Formax 025 is a synergistic blend of mineral oils, paraffinic, and micro cristalline wax.

Advantages :

  1. Water resintance (waterproof)
  2. Anti-rust
  3. Not harm plastics and is compatible with all types of plastics
  4. Odorless and non-toxic
  5. Transparent color does not cause dirty.
  6. Stay in place (ie remain in his position, do not move)
  7. Not containing compound esters, polyglycol, solid additives such as graphite and molybdenum disulfide which can react, penetration and damage the plastic components.


To lubricate the mechanical equipment such as plastic: plastic gears, axles plastic, plastic roll, sliding and others.


  • Appearance : Semi Solid
  • Colour : Slight Yellowish tint
  • Odour : Characteristic
  • Solubility : Not Soluble in water
  • Flash point : > 2000F/93.30C
  • Relatif Dencity :0.8475
  • Toxicology :very low toxicity to human and animal

Formax 025 Tranparent grease High Quality

Produced by CV.Indus Chemika Suplindo
Industrial And Building Chemical Supplier

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