Name Part in Unit Air Handling Unit

Name Part in Unit Air Handling Unit

Name Part in Unit Air Handling Unit as follows:

  1. CoilNama Bagian Pada Unit Air Handling Unit
  2. Fin
  3. Top Hood
  4. Down Hood
  5. Coil holder left and right
  6. Pipes in / out along with mounting bolts for pleng

AHU manintanance

AHU care must be regular and disciplined because they AHU as a part of the air conditioning system, if the air handling unit does not function properly, it is feared will result in cooling system that does not baik.seperti less cold or the air flow is less than normal.Adapun treatment conditions include:


  1. Maintanance every  2 (dua) month
    • Change or wash the Air Filter
      The cleaning procedure and panggantian filter

      • Turn off electrical power and checking the power panel that units are under construction.
      • Open the side panel door filter
      • Remove the filter from the tracks
      • Wash the filter with detergent, if conditions are bad replace it with a new one
      • Drain and plug it back on track
      • Close the door and turn on the electrical power panel
      • operated AHUCheck the stop valve in and out
    • Check the Thermostat ON and OFF
    • Check V-belts, bearings and mounting blower motors
    • Check the electrical power panel Check the voltage and ampere motors (according to nameplate)
    • Check the water pressure gauge (in, out and function / physical)
    • Check the temperature of the water (in, out and Function / physical)
    • Check the water Strainer
  2. Maintanance every  6 (six) month
    6-month treatment including two monthly treatments above plus Serviced coil / fin AHU, fan and administration bower Cleaning grease on the motor bearings and blower AHU.

    1.  Cleaning Procedures coil
      1. Turn off electrical power (tick that was under repair AHU)
      2. Remove the filter as filter maintenance
      3. Open the door of the motor side panel
      4.  Wrap the motor with plastic
      5. Spray coil with pressurized water, if necessary, use chemical.
      6. To avoid spray water overflowing from the tub drain coil use a vacuum multi-function (wet & dry)
      7. Replace the filter, make sure the motor wrap open the motor terminal box no water
      8. Close the door and operate the AHU.
    2. Blower Cleaning Procedures
      1. Turn off electrical power
      2. Open the door of the motor side panel
      3. Blower fins wipe with a damp cloth to do with the heart – the heart.
      4. Lap also home
      5. Close the door, AHU can be operated.
    3.  Inspection and repair procedures Strainer
      1. Check the water pressure on the pressure gauge, if there is no significant pressure difference already clogged strainer.
      2.  Close the valve in and out.
      3. Close the valve pressure gauge and pressure gauge is released (note the needle pressure when the needle drops, pressure gauge did not off by heart – the heart, removed one unit only)
      4. Open the valve pressure gauge that have been released gradually accommodate the water with buckets.
      5. Note the pressure gauge needle attached when the needle does not go down until the limit of zero means there is a valve that is not yet closed.
      6. If the pressure gauge needle can get to zero strainer is already open.Clean the filters with a wire brush and then reinstall it.
      7. Make sure the strainer is installed properly, open the valve slowly while supplay done through the air discharge pressure valve.
        1. Close the pressure valve, pressure gauge pairs.
        2. Reopen all the valve closed and
      8. operated AHU
    4. Examination Procedure V-belt and the alignment of motor
      Inspection V-belt and the motor alignment is done periodically according to a predetermined shcedule to avoid damage and prolong the life of the motor bearings, blower or fan belt, V-belt installation should not be too loose or tight.

      1. Check the alignment with the blower motors.

        The position of the motor pulley to pulley fan blower should be straight parallel / parallel and the center of the surface of the pulley should coincide. If the center does not coincide belt shaft will be detached and easily broken and the bearing will be damaged. how its settings is to use thread or ruler motors and blower and check kelurusannya. If not straight / parallel, keendurkan foot bolts on the motor and set the motor position to align with the position of the blower, if the position is aligned tighten the screws.

      2. Check the V-belt

        Check belt tightness (spasticity) by using the tool belt tensioner. If the belt is too loose set the tension with screw / bolt regulator on the motor mounting.

Note: make closed recirculating cooling water system of its advisable to wear

  1. Scale Control
  2. Corrosion Control

So that we are not constrained on the inside of the coil such cases consumers are air conditioning does not cool when the air flow is pretty good. So Peel on Section Name On Unit Air Handling Unit

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