Various Types Evaporator

Various Types Evaporators, evaporators used in different types of cooling applications have different designs. Evaporators can be classified in various ways depending on the construction of the evaporator, the cooling way, the direction of air circulation around the evaporator, etc.

Classification of Various Type of Evaporator based on evaporator construction

Evaporator is used for cooling and air conditioning applications have different types of construction depending on the application. Based on evaporator construction is divided into several types, namely:

  • Baretube Evaporator
    Evaporator empty tube made of copper pipe or steel pipe. Copper pipes are used for small evaporators where refrigerants other than ammonia are used, while steel pipes are used with large evaporators where ammonia is used as a coolant. The bare evaporator tube consists of several rounds of the tube, although most flat zigzags and oval trombone are the most common forms. An empty tube evaporator is usually used for cold liquids. In the blast the cooling and operating the freezing atmospheric air flows over the bare evaporator tubes and cool air leaving it used for cooling purposes. Evaporator empty tube used very few applications, but empty tube evaporator equipped with fins, referred to as a finned evaporator used is very common.Berbagai Macam Tipe Evaporator 0
  • Plate tipe Evaporators
    In this type of plate evaporator coil type usually consists of copper or aluminum which is embedded in a flat plate so as to form a flat surface. The appearance of plate type evaporator type looks like a single plate, but inside there are some coils of metal tubes through which cooling medium. The advantage of this type of evaporator type plate is that it has a solid form of unwaved tube winding into one whole. The external slab also helps increase heat transfer from the metal pipe to the cold material. Furthermore, the type of evaporator plates are easy to clean and can be produced cheaply. The type of plate heat exchanger can easily be shaped into various shapes as needed. So in household refrigerators and freezers, this type is most commonly used, can be converted into a box shape to form a closed enclosure, where various foods can be stored in a frozen state. Plates can also be welded together to form a plate bank of evaporators that can be used in a larger evaporator than a higher capacity.

    Type Plate type Evaporators provide excellent shelves in freezers and similar applications. They can be used as partitions in freezers, freezers, ice cream, soda fountains and more. Due to the various advantages and flexibility offered by Plate type Evaporators are widely used. Shell and tube type evaporators are used in most cooling systems and the central air conditioning systems evaporators in this system are commonly known as chillers. Depending on the direction of the flow of cooling media in shell and tube types Coolers, they are classified into two types: Type of dry expansion, type of flood / wet cooler.
Berbagai Macam Tipe Evaporator 1a
Berbagai Macam Tipe Evaporator 1a

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  • Finned Evaporators The finned evaporators are a bare tube type fitted with fins. When the fluid flow (air or water) to be cooled through the new tube evaporator becomes ineffective, most of it is wasted due to too little contact between the fluid and the cooling medium. With the fins the fluid will increase in contact with the cooling medium due to the increased surface width of the fins . So finned evaporators are much more effective than bare tube evaporators

  • Shell and Tube types of EvaporatorsShell and tube type evaporators are used in large cooling and central air conditioning systems. Evaporators in this system are generally known as cooling. The coolant consists of a large number of tubes inserted in a drum or shell. Depending on the direction of the refrigerant flow in the shell and cooling tubes, they are classified into two types: Type of dry expansion and type of flood cooler. In cooling the expansion dries the refrigerant current along the sides of the tube and the liquid that will cool flow along the side of the shell. The cooling stream for this cooler is controlled by the expansion valve. In the case of a type of evaporator flood the refrigerant current along the shell side and the liquid becomes a cold current along the tube. In this refrigerant the refrigerant level is maintained constant by the buoy valve which acts as an expansion valve as well.
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